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ASKIN XFLAM panel achieved a group one fire performance with an unmodified standard slip joint

ASKINs high performance, fire resistant, XFLAM panel recently achieved a best in class by complying with the requirements of a Group One material under the test regime dictated by standard ISO9705.

AS ISO 9705-2003: Full-scale room test for surface products.

The ISO 9705 test, establishes the expected behavior of a specific fire in a 3.6 x 2.4 x 2.4m test room consisting of four walls, three of which are lined with panel, a ceiling lined with panel, a cement fibre floor and a 2m door opening 0.8m wide.

A gas burner with a 100kW output for ten minutes followed by 300kW for ten more minutes is placed in a corner opposite the doorway.

In principle, the ISO 9705 test determines the following:

  • The time to flash over, where fire envelopes the room.
  • The potential for fire spread to other objects in the room.
  • The potential for fire spread to objects outside the room of origin is evaluated by the measurement of the total rate of heat release of the fire.
  • The hazard of reduced visibility is estimated by the measurement of light- obscuring smoke.

Prior to the test, all cellular foam insulation panels required mechanical fixing of the slip joint.

The total heat release measured during the 20 minute test is less than half of the 1MP criteria deemed as ‘flashover’ by the BCA for the purposes of determining fire hazard properties.
The SMOGRA determined for the product (6.3) is less than the 100 limit specified for materials used as a finish, surface, lining or attachment to a wall or ceiling in buildings not provided with sprinkler protection.

XFLAM is the only Australian made Group 1 and FM Approved panel which does not require joint stitching of the ceiling as per the insulated panel Code of Practice.