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ASKIN flame panel achieved a class one fire performance to standards FM4880 and FM4881 without slip joint stitching rivets

ASKIN - XFLAM put to the test

ASKIN’s world beating XFLAM cored steel laminated insulated panel recently achieved a best in class by complying with the requirements of a Class One material under the test regime dictated by standard FM4880 and FM4881.

FM4880: Parallel Panel Test

The 16 foot test establishes the expected reaction of a specific product specimen to a standardized fire directed through a sand box at the base of two opposing walls, mounted to a steel frame with the following dimensions:

  • Width: 1.1m
  • Height: 4.9m
  • Gap: 0.5m

A gas fired burner at 360kW is applied for fifteen minutes at the base of the two walls.

ASKIN’S XFLAM cored panels achieved a best in class performance without the use of joint stitching rivets.

  • FM4880 unlimited height Class 1 Group A approval.
  • Max heat output of 355 kW much less than the 850 kW threshold and significantly less than 550 kW generally achieved for other fire resistant insulated panels.
  • Smoke generated 195 grams/15 minute test much less than 300 grams allowed for smoke sensitive construction, required for all food and drug manufacture.

In principle, the parallel panel test determines the following:

  • The potential for fire spread up the wall, determined by height of char inside the panel.
  • The potential for spread of fire through the wall, determined by measuring the depth of char and the remaining untouched material after the test.
  • The potential for fire spread through a building is evaluated by the measurement of the total rate of heat release of the fire, determining the material contribution to the fire.
  • The hazard of reduced visibility is estimated by weighing of light-obscuring smoke.