Building on fifty years of experience in technical construction, ASKIN delivers world class performance and design to the commercial construction, processing and cold chain industries.

ASKIN Performance panels offer technical solutions to the functional requirements of industry. ASKIN panel undergoes rigorous testing to meet the requirements of insurers, relevant building legislation and rewarding our customers with higher efficiency and enhanced performance.

ASKIN’s product development program continues to achieve the highest ever recorded results in international testing of insulated panel products. ASKIN XFLAM panel provides a stronger, more efficient fire and cyclone resistant solution, than any other insulated panel.

Architectural and engineering details are available on our download page. Consistency with these details will provide reliable performance in insulated panel application. ASKIN is able to approve and endorse the use of ASKIN panel in a variety of high performance and technical applications. ASKIN is here to help with every step toward an energy efficient thermally stable environment. Contact our in-house engineer Mike –