ASKIN Exteriors

Designed to provide insulated and air-tight connections, the ASKIN External wall and facade panel has had proven performance for decades. Its uses and abilities are only limited by the creativity and imagination of the designer.

ASKIN Interiors

ASKIN Performance Panels Internal walls and ceilings captures the very essence of modern architecture, complimented by superior spanning and its aesthetically pleasing look.

ASKIN Roofing

ASKINs “All in one” Ceiling and Roof system is fast to install, weather tight and extremely thermal efficient.

ASKIN Exteriors

ASKIN’s world class door manufacturing facilities supply a great range of Insulated doors. Through continual innovation, our doors utilise energy-saving building techniques to maximise efficiency within your built environment.

ASKIN Solutions

ASKIN embraces a holistic and practical approach in providing a total solution. This is encompassed in working with all parties to understand and develop the best practical solution.