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ASKIN Performance Panels are the largest manufacturer and installer of insulated, fire rated and architectural facade systems, roofing systems and temperature-controlled facilities in Australasia.

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ASKIN’s experience has been built upon a strong foundation dating back to 1964 and now has a network of 12 sites throughout Australia and New Zealand.

ASKIN’s culture of customer first, constant improvement, quality and safety assurance, is supported with our technical expertise, and ISO9001 Accreditation.


A Message from

ASKIN CEO, Steve Clarke

ASKIN Performance defines a unique level of service excellence based on cutting edge panel technology.

The strength of the brand is derived from the sum of its parts: local organisations across Australia and New Zealand made up of highly dedicated individuals who work closely with their clients as specialists in their field, applying the most advanced panel technology to achieve exceptional results. This level of dedication and quality is captured by one word: PERFORMANCE.

ASKIN’s History

In April 2013 the company formally known as Austral Australia rebranded to ASKIN as part of a strategic approach to capture the very essence of what it stands for. ASKIN’s primary activity consists of the manufacture of insulated panels and installation and construction of temperature-controlled buildings, facades and roofing. ASKIN is the brand that links a cluster of Australian and New Zealand subsidiaries – formerly part of the Austral Group of Companies.

The first of these companies, Austral Insulation Panel Pty Ltd, was established in Victoria in 1964. Shortly after Austral Insulation Western Australia was established in 1969. From 2000 onwards, the Austral Group of Companies was expanded through a series of selected acquisitions and business developments of other insulated panel manufacturers and installers.

ASKIN. More than meets the eye

Why choose us?

There are many benefits of working in collaboration with ASKIN Performance Panels. Our multi-purpose, pre-finished and easy to install panel products have benefited our clients with quality cool rooms, innovative supermarkets, green star buildings, and state of the arts sporting facilities. ASKIN’s vertically integrated business covers the complete building process from R&D, design, engineering through to manufacturing, supply and installation. Learn more about how we benefit our customers.


We are passionate about environmental awareness and sustainability. We’ve been actively involved in reducing energy consumption through our Sustainable Construction Systems and we supply a completely recyclable product to the building industry.

Good practices start at home. Within our own business, we take our green credentials seriously, not only recycling and reconstituting the by-product, we are ISO 14001 accredited – Environmental Management System.

Ongoing energy savings are made year on year through outstanding climate control provided by ASKIN panel’s continuous insulation properties, reducing heating, refrigeration and air conditioning costs. XFLAM insulation core can be recycled or re-manufactured at the end of its useful life.

Through the use of responsive design concepts in conjunction with XFLAM Insulated Panel Systems, consumers can reduce energy usage and aid in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

What our clients say

Delivering excellent service on top of high performance panel products.

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Leading supplier and installer of insulated, architectural and fire-rated panel systems.

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