Designed to provide insulated and air-tight connections, the ASKIN external foam wall panels and facade panels has had proven performance for decades. Its uses and abilities are only limited by the creativity and imagination of the designer.

With an enormous range of colours, prints and profiles to suit any commercial or residential application, the ASKIN Facade panel is a stand out choice. ASKIN is passionate about architectural design and is supported by technical and development teams that continue to innovate and ensure delivery of high quality and exceptional service to our building partners.

Some applications include:

  • Sports arenas
  • Residential
  • School University Facilities
  • High Rise Apartments
  • Hospitals
  • Data Facilities

  • Shopping centres
  • Medical centres
  • Aquatic centres
  • Sunshades
  • Awnings

ASKIN - Exteriors

ASKIN Exterior Panel Technical Data

ASKIN Exterior Panel Widths

All Facade / Exterior Wall Profiles are available in a standard width of 1200mm modules. Variable panel widths between 600mm – 1200mm available upon request, subject to minimum order quantity (MOQ).

ASKIN Exterior Panel Thickness

Standard thicknesses available range from 50mm to 250mm in multiples of 25mm (300mm available upon request). Variable panel thicknesses available upon request, subject to MOQ

ASKIN Exterior Panel Skins

Panel skins are available with a choice of finishes:

  • Colorbond
  • Colorbond Permaguard
  • Colorbond XIP
  • Colorbond Metalic
  • Colorbond Ultra

  • Zincalume
  • 304 2B Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Colorbond Stainless Steel
  • HPS200 Ultra

ASKIN Exterior Panel Core

Depending on the Performance requirements, the core of ASKIN Exterior Panel can be either;

  • Fire rated XFLAM core
  • Expanded polystyrene manufactured from flame retardant bead to Standard AS1366.3
  • Fire rated Polyisocyanurate core
  • Fire rated Mineral Wool core

The Premier Insulated Panel System

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