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In this video, under the testing conditions of FM Global, XFLAM internal walls and ceiling panel is subjected to a corner room fire test.

The steel facing thickness is 0.4m. Once the corner is set alight, it reaches 338 degrees Celsius over the 15-minute test

In fire situations, the phenolic honeycomb matrix remains intact, and the fire behaviour is limited to surface charring which significantly inhibits fire spread.

XFLAM Panels are the first in Australasia to achieve total endorsement in all three relevant certifications for Insulated Panel. Systems.

  • FM 4471 – Roofing Systems
  • FM 4880 – Internal Wall and Ceilings
  • FM 4881 – Exterior Wall Systems

According to FM Approvals, “FM Approved interior walls and ceilings are tested for fire performance to rigorous standards. An FM Approved interior wall and ceiling will not self-propagate a fire and will not require automatic sprinkler protection for the building, provided the occupancy allows it.”

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