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Case Study

The Bend Motorsport Park, South Australia

The Project

In 2015 the South Australian Government approved the redevelopment of the former Mitsubishi Motors Australia test track at Tailem Bend. The project was developed and primarily funded by the Peregrine Corporation, South Australia’s largest private company. Initially titled the South Australian Motorsport Park, by the time construction commenced in 2017, The Bend Motorsport Park name had been adopted.

ADS Architects and Romaldi Constructions worked together on the project which required a 320-metre long pit building which included hotel accommodation in the upper levels of the four-storey building.


The Bend Motorsport Park, South Australia

Romaldi Constructions
ADS Architects
Hicrete Roofing


  • COLORBOND®Woodland Grey
  • COLORBOND® Night Sky

The Solutions

Surveys were conducted to understand climate conditions to ensure the building met the architect’s design intent with a black exterior that would be subject to extreme heat due to the location.

In conjunction with the architect, ASKIN Engineering and BlueScope Steel, a solution was found with ASKIN ViviD Panel with XFLAM core and an exterior skin of COLORBOND® Woodland Grey.

ASKIN designed and engineered maximum panel lengths, to suit each elevation of the building, based on localised weather patterns, maximum exterior skin temperatures and thermal deflection of the façade system.

The Results

South Australia now has the second largest permanent race track in the world and has been described as a game changer for Australian motorsport.

The 320m long headquarters, wrapped in ASKIN Vivid Panel is living up to its expectations with its sheer scale and ambition unlike anything seen previously in motor racing.