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This video demonstrates the capabilities of XFLAM Panel roofing in a simulated wind environment.

Wind rushing over a roof produces lift, much like an aeroplane wing.

This lift creates tremendous turbulence and dynamic stresses. Powerful eddies and vortices, which resemble horizontal tornadoes, churn along roof perimeters and corners. These forces can rip at roof covers, flashings, insulation and the underlying roof structure.

The failure of a building’s roof and other building envelope elements, including walls, windows and doors, can have a devastating impact from which a business may not be able to recover. When a roof is damaged or destroyed, the building contents can be exposed to flooding and contamination, further compounding the loss.

In this video, XFLAM panel roofing is exposed to 10.8kPa over 14 minutes with no uplift. The test was undertaken by FM Global. As a result, the XFLAM panel roofing is an FM Approved – 4471 roofing system.