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Recladding, refurbishment and rectification of existing commercial building

The solution for non-compliant wall systems

ASKIN - Whitepaper

In Australia, the release of the 2019 National Construction Code saw the overhaul of building standards related to fire resistance and stability, including the continued inclusion of section C1.9 after it was originally introduced as an amendment to the NCC 2016 in March 2018.

In this whitepaper, we take a look at the rising demand for insulated panels and the related circumstances that led to the current crisis, along with the ratified conditions for building compliance. Now more than ever before, Australian designers and specifiers must be able to relay relevant information back to their clients, concerning the new requirements of the NCC 2019 and the opportunity to upgrade building stock and improve energy efficiency.


For more information on building requirements and Volume 1 and 2  of the construction code, visit Australian Building Codes Board.

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