Oceans 27 Cafe located along Alkimos coastline in Perth, recently completed a rebuild using ASKIN panel to create a spectacular roofline, and already they are looking at extending the restaurant.

Oceans 27 and Shores Café owner George Bartell says he had a strong vision when designing the restaurant and wanted to create an open venue that was a relaxed dining experience suitable for the whole family.

“Using ASKIN’s long spans of roofing panel opens the restaurant up, to allow for that indoor-outdoor feel, and during the summertime, it really keeps it cooler,” says George.

The recently redeveloped Oceans 27 and Shores Café is an open style venue that caters for families, including their pets, located on picturesque Alkimos coastline in Perth, Western Australia with live music and DJ’s playing most weekends.

George says when designing Oceans 27, he didn’t want his guests just sitting inside a restaurant and eating for an hour, but a space where people can relax for 3 or 4 hours and stay and watch the sunset.

“We’ve got one of the best sunsets here at Oceans 27,” he says.

Members of the ASKIN team would agree with some of the team venturing from to Melbourne to try out the new café and bar.

ASKIN Marketing & Development Manager, Adam Shannon says this was one ASKIN project he wanted to check out for himself, as well as try out the food while enjoying the view.

“The location is amazing, the café looks spectacular, and the food is delicious. I can see why George is already considering an extension. This place ticks all the boxes,” says Adam.

Currently, Oceans 27 caters for 300 people, but George says he’s had such good feedback with people travelling from all over the country that he’s already looking at extensions that will include a new bar area.

“People are already saying we should have built it bigger, but how long is a piece of string,” he says.

“I’ll need to call the boys at ASKIN because I’ll need a bigger cool room built too,” says George.

Oceans 27 is located at 27 Portside Promenade, Alkimos, Western Australia.


The Shore Café and Oceans 27 required a new building right on the beach at Shorehaven, Western Australia.


ASKIN Metric Roofing was specified as the roof with an exposed internal ceiling. ASKIN Interior Cool room panel was specified for the internal kitchen cool rooms.

The architect specified ASKIN products due the service the ASKIN team provided in conjunction with the thermal, fire and aesthetic performance of the EPS-FR panel and our total solution approach to the kitchen and roofing requirements.



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Morley Davis Architects


Coastal Contracting


ASKIN Metric Roofing

Core: EPS-FR