Insulated Cool Room Panels

The ASKIN Performance Panel continues to be the panel of choice for the cold chain and is designed to cater for temperature controlled and containment Labs.

ASKIN utilise in all their temperature control facilities, Colorbond® Permagard® steel skins with Microban® antibacterial protection. Microban® is a unique antibacterial technology that actively helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination and is combined with the proven strength and durability of Colorbond® steel.

The superior quality of Colorbond® Permagard® inhibits growth of surface bacteria that may cause potential odour’s, stains, food poisoning and allergies, providing our customers greater peace of mind.

A complete range of temperature control facilities include:


ASKIN is at home in the demanding environments of industrial cold storage, with our heritage firmly in the frozen food section, ASKIN cold chain solutions continue to be the highest performing option.

Distribution Centres

The ASKIN Performance Panel continues to be the panel of choice within cold chain logistics and is an energy efficient option for temperature controlled environments.

Food Processing

Clean surface and and an anti-bacterial finish make ASKIN the panel of choice within contaminant sensitive manufacturing industries.

Commercial Kitchens

The exacting standard of food safe finish required in large scale food processing dictate the demand for the bacteria resistant performance of ASKIN panel.


The worlds largest and most demanding dairy producers and exporters reduce their risk of contamination with ASKIN bacteria resistant pre-finished clean installations.

Livestock Containment

The thermal stability of an ASKIN Performance Panel construction provides a comfortable habitat for growing livestock to thrive.

Fish Processing

The wash down resistant surface and high durability construction of ASKIN Performance Panels provide an effective solution for demanding environments.

Controlled Atmosphere

ASKIN Performance Panel continues to be the panel of choice for controlled environments and is designed to provide thermal stability and pressure resistant containment.

The Premier Insulated Panel System

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