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Case Study

Frankston Private Hospital

The Project

Frankston Private Hospital required a major expansion that included an additional 60 beds, three operating theatres, a day oncology unit, and will serve as the main entrance to the hospital.

The project required a Type A construction, non-combustible panel system that was aesthetically pleasing while working cohesively with the existing building.


Frankston Private Hospital

Silver Thomas Hanley
ASKIN Performance Panels
Core: Volcore
  • Silkline
  • Surfmist & Basalt

The Solutions

ASKIN manufactured and installed Volcore (mineral wool core) panel. The back of the hospital was veneered entirely in the panel with the use of the ASKIN concealed fix method.

In addition, ASKIN assisted with specification, design and details, engineering for structural performance and building certification.

Accessibility was a challenge with limited access via a narrow residential street at the rear of the hospital. Small cranes, speciality lifting and elevated platforms were used to lift the lightweight panels into position with minimal disruption to the nearby residence.

The key benefits of using ASKIN’S Volcore panel are its structural performance, weather tightness, thermal values and non-combustibility, all in compliance with the NCC for Type A construction.

The Results

Frankston Private Hospital has completed their expansion program and brought additional beds and new operating theatres to the Frankston and Peninsula community.

In addition to this, the FPH expansion has a NCC/BCA conforming fire performance exterior cladding system while working cohesively with the existing buildings in the area.