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ASKIN Performance Panels (ASKIN) continues to deliver high performance products now approved and registered with the National Construction Product Register (NCPR), ensuring quality and conforming products are being supplied throughout Australia and New Zealand.

ASKIN - ASKIN performs and conforms

ASKIN working with NCPR has completed product testing and evidence verification for their XFLAM panel products to ensure conformity to relevant building codes and standards.

ASKIN’s General Manager of Marketing and Development, Adam Shannon says all relevant reports, standards and test documents ASKIN have undertaken on their panel products and that appear in their NATSPEC work sections was sent to NCPR to confirm testing is accurate and correct.

“The new process verifies your testing documents rather than just assuming product manufacturer’s marketing information and claims are true,” says Adam.

“With the worlds current focus on conforming building products, it’s another step in the right direction to help mitigate risk in the construction industry.

But make no mistake, ensuring the installation of the product per the standard it has been tested to is equally important ” he says.

NCPR was set up after NATSPEC received requests from Government departments and industry organisations to set up a register of construction products due to products entering the Australian market with inadequate or false evidence of conformance.

As a result, they have developed an online searchable National Construction Product Register database (NCPR) that’s completely independent and impartial.

The following ASKIN Panel products can be found on Natspec and NCPR websites:

Adam says it’s imperative that clients, builders, specifiers and others ensure they are getting what they pay for and compliance with codes, standards and legislation is the minimum acceptable expectation.

“Having specification and accreditation tools like NCPR, Natspec, ISO accreditations, FM Approvals and IPCA Code of Practice are just a few of the tools ASKIN employ, along with a vertical integration strategy to ensure our customers have the confidence that what we specify and build is a certified and code compliant system,” he says.