Who is Askin

We are the largest manufacturer and installer of insulated, fire rated and architectural facade systems, roofing systems and temperature controlled facilities in Australasia. With a network of 12 sites throughout Australia and New Zealand ASKIN’s vast experience has been built upon a strong foundation dating back to 1964. ASKIN’s culture of customer first, constant improvement, quality and safety assurance, supported with our technical expertise, and ISO9001 Accreditation.

ASKIN’s History

April 2013 saw the company formally known as Austral Australia rebranded to ASKIN as part of a strategic approach to capture the very essence of what we stand for and how we want to be seen. ASKINS primary activity consists of the manufacture of insulated panels and installation / construction of temperature controlled buildings. ASKIN is the brand that links a cluster of Australian and New Zealand subsidiaries – formerly part of the Austral Group of Companies.

The first of these companies, Austral Insulation Panel Pty Ltd was established in Victoria in 1964. Shortly after Austral Insulation Western Australia was established in 1969. Between the years 2000 to 2008, the Austral Group of Companies was expanded through a series of selected acquisitions and business development’s of other insulated panel manufacturers and installers, namely:

Austral Insulation (VIC) Pty Ltd in 1964.
Austral Insulation (WA) Pty Ltd in 1969.
Bondor New Zealand Limited in June 2003.
XFLAM Pty Ltd in 2003.
Poly Panel Industries Australia Pty Ltd in March 2006.
Hales and Lunn Pty Ltd in March 2007.
United Panel Systems Australia Pty Ltd in November 2007;
Panel Core Pty Ltd in June 2008.

ASKIN’s Visions & Values

Honesty in communication
Integrity in action
Quality in delivery
Consistent performance over time & space

Pride in achievements
Passion to exceed expectations
Commitment and loyalty to the company and clients

Dedication to technological advancement
Knowledge driven teams
Know-how based expertise
Superior performance in products and people

Family-feel the small business approach
Collaboration with partners & clients
Personable consultants
Direct action
Australian company