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BCA Testing ISO 9705

October saw ASKIN respond to the requests of its clients with a repeat test of the ISO 9705 room burn test, as required by the national construction council Building Code of Australia. ASKIN 100 mm XFLAM panel was used to build a 2.4 x 3.6 x 2.4 m high room at Exova Warrington Fire research laboratory in Dandenong South. Critically this revised test did not include rivets in the ceiling slip joints at 1200 mm centres as has been required for ISO 9705 Group One compliance up until now.

During the test, a gas fire is lit in the corner of the room providing a 100 kW fire load for 10 minutes, during this time if the construction contributes less than 900 kW to the fire, the product is deemed Group Two compliant for use in Group Two construction in Australia. Then the heat is really turned up, to 300 kW for a further ten minutes, during this time if the construction contributes less than 700 kW to the fire, the product is deemed Group One compliant for use in Group One construction in Australia.

ASKIN XFLAM Panel took this in its stride, ably completing the 20 minute test at less than half of the allowed fire contribution, meeting the requirements of Group One.

As a cornerstone member of the Insulated Panel Council of Australia, ASKIN install all of their panel to Group One compliant details. This is intended to give customers and the broader construction industry greater confidence in the use of insulated panel for all types of construction.

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XFLAM ISO 9705 Test

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